Virtual Craft Night: Clay Mobiles

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Pottery & Sculpture

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About this event

Join us for an evening of clay mobile making with mixed media artist, Faye Kendall!

Pattern, contrast, and personal symbolism transform these simple clay mobiles into totemic objects to adorn any space. We will use materials that are connected to and derived from the earth including clay and India ink, and enjoy meditative, repetitive processes that give the maker a feeling of peaceful creativity.

Some of the clay techniques you will practice include rolling slabs, cutting, and shaping simple forms. You will also practice drawing in ink, with either a brush or brush pen. We will explore how to create variations in line quality, as well as making simple patterns and designs. Then, when your clay elements are complete you will consider the artistic elements of rhythm and composition as you arrange and connect your mobile using yarn or string.

At the end of this workshop, you will have a finished work of art, and inspiration to continue your ink drawing on other surfaces!
Choose from two booking options:

  1. Supply your own materials! For this workshop, you will need air-dry clay, a brush pen filled with ink or brushes and ink, and rope.

  2. Purchase a supply kit from us that includes:

1 India ink-filled Brush Pen
8 oz of Das air dry clay (colors vary)
24 inches of string to complete your work
In addition to the above materials, you will also need:

something to roll out your clay (rolling pin, bottle, etc)
toothpicks, skewers, a butter knife, or a set of clay tools
paper or cardboard to protect your work surface.
water to wet your clay
This online workshop takes place on Friday 9/25 from 5-6 PM PST via Zoom Meeting. You will receive login instructions prior to the workshop.

About the instructor:

Faye Kendall is an artist and art educator, living and working in Northern California. She began as a sculptor using primarily fiber materials and has grown her work to include ceramics and wearable art. Slow, repetitive processes done at the pace of the hand are central to her art, because of their ability to transform simple, natural materials into powerful and precious objects. Her work is inspired by natural phenomena great and small - borrowing forms and textures from lunar cycles to microscopic creatures. Her relationship to materials of animal hair and wool is both nostalgic and respectful, having grown up on a ranch in Colorado - so every object is cruelty-free.

About the series:

Jenny Lemons Craft Nights bring people together to enjoy each other's company and make things with their hands. For each monthly event, we partner with a different artist or creative from our community who presents a project related to their craft.

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