Illustrating Skin Tones and Fabric with Markers - Online

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Fashion & Jewelry

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This online class will explore how to add color to your fashion sketches using markers. (You have the choice to work digitally if you are already familiar with coloring in a drawing app) Our instructor Julie Ann will provide the initial fashion sketches by email that you will print out and color during class.

First you will learn about light sources, highlights, and shadows. Followed by how to use markers close in value to create different skin tones and hair colors. Then we will use various techniques to render fabrications like Satin, Velvet, Chiffon, Lace, Eyelet, Checks, Dots and Florals. By the end of the course you will have the chance to color in your own sketches and share them with the class.

Suggested Art Supplies
Pencil and eraser (kneaded eraser is best)
Extra copy paper
Black waterproof marker - one heavy and one fine
(Pigma Micron or Staedtler)
Sharpie is ok too
Gel Pen and Colored Pencil in White
Color Markers (broad and fine tip on each end) at least 12, see below
light and medium gray for shadows (30% gray, 60% gray)
a skin tone set (usually a variety of 6)
a basic color set of your choice (usually a variety of 12)

You can find these most, if not all of these materials at
Once you are signed up, you will need to download the Zoom app and log int with the meeting number and password just before the beginning of each class.

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