Bundle Dyeing + Eco-Printing: Class and Kit

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Drawing, Painting, Dyeing

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Gain an understanding of how to work with natural dyes as you explore and practice Bundle Dyeing and Eco-Printing using flowers, leaves, food scraps, tree bark and more. We will cover the processes on silk and cotton. We will go over preparing your fiber to be dyed by scouring and pre-treating with different mordants. You will be sent a comprehensive list of plants you will be able to collect at home and potentially in your neighborhoods, as well as resources for where to acquire natural fibers.

Registration includes a kit: dried dyestuffs, foraged eucalyptus and leaves, homegrown flowers, copper pipe, pre-mordanted fibers and more. To ensure the freshness of your foraged plants, kits will ship Monday, May 11.

This is a live 2-hour class session on bundle dyeing and eco-printing techniques and the chemistry of natural dyes.

The live class will take place on Saturday, May 16 from 2-4pm PT. If you cannot make the live class date, a digital recording will be emailed to you.

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Raised on a farm in Western Maryland, Kristin had a childhood that was connected to her immediate natural resources. Once the natural dye and fiber arts bug bit her, she has been hungry to learn from teachers all over the world. Kristin currently resides in Oakland, California where she grows dye plants in her garden and splits her time between ...