Printing with Mordant: Class and Kit

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Drawing, Painting, Dyeing

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Learn to mix your own mordant print paste and print directly with thickened mordants. We will go over mixing an aluminum (bright) print paste and an iron (dark) print paste. Using this method, you can create various patterns on a single piece of cloth in an immersion dye bath. For example, when a textile is printed with both aluminum and iron paste and dyed in cochineal, you will get patterns in both bright pinks and deep purples. You can paint, screen print, and block print with your pastes. We will also cover the finishing step, also known as “dunging.”

Enrollment in this class includes a kit with pre-measured ingredients to make your own pastes and the dunging ingredients.

You will need: natural fibers, your chosen immersion dye bath, a stainless steel or non-reactive pot, bucket or other container, brushes, blocks, or screens you want to work with.

Live class date and time: Sunday, May 31, 2-4pm Pacific Time

This class will be recorded. The recording will be shared with all participants.

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Raised on a farm in Western Maryland, Kristin had a childhood that was connected to her immediate natural resources. Once the natural dye and fiber arts bug bit her, she has been hungry to learn from teachers all over the world. Kristin currently resides in Oakland, California where she grows dye plants in her garden and splits her time between ...